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2019-4-1 · Hubei Province Hongyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. coal-fired boiler energy conservation transformation project The project unit is not fully eligible for declaration as an obsolete production capacity elimination project, but irregularly obtained 2.8755 million yuan of central finance incentive funds for elimination of obsolete production capacity.

Circular Economy Promotion Law of the People's Republic of

2008-8-29 · Order of the President of the People's Republic of China No. 4 The Circular Economy Promotion Law of the People's Republic of China has been passed in the 4 th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 11 th National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China on Aug. 29, 2008. on Aug. 29, 2008.


2019-12-2 · It developed a technology that prevents larger coal-dust particles from entering boilers, so reducing NOx discharge by 15 percent, thereby significantly mitigating pollution from coal-fired power plants and also increasing employment in the manufacturing industry. The U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center (CERC) was founded in 2011.

Natural gas utilized for air pollution control in north

Furthermore, the municipal government has also transformed over 5,000 coal-fired boilers for industrial use, to reduce the coal-generated emissions. According to China's 13th Five-Year Plan, in 2020, the days with good air quality in Chinese cities should be 80% of the year.

Ministry of Commerce of the P.R.China - China

For 0.5-20t/h industrial coal-fired boiler which is equiped with smoke dust removal plant. BOILER DRAUGHT FAN. H.S CODE: 84145990 Model: XY9-35-12, Y5-48, Y9-38 Widely used for high grade civil building, oven, underground garage, tunnel, etc.

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Project information: Industry: electric power Field: coal-fired power plant Estimated total investment: 2000000 ten thousand yuan Investment nature: foreign capital Availability of investment: not available Project construction level: medium Estimated time of commencement: 2019 Estimated time of completion: 2020 Province: abroad Prefecture-level city: Australia Source of equipment: overseas

Ministry of Commerce of the P.R.China - China

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2016-5-30 · The Company is a manufacturer and supplier of seamless hot and cold-finished stainless steel tubes: heat exchanger, boiler, instrumentation, furnace tubes, general tubes & pipes, nickel alloy tubes and hollow bars.

Tongzhou focuses on ecological environment improvement

2017-2-10 · It has emphasized coal use reduction, vehicle and dust control, and pollution treatment, and outperformed its targets in air pollution control. The district ranked the second in year-on-year PM2.5 particles reduction among districts in Beijing and was the first outer suburban district that built a coal fired boiler free zone, and it treated 19 polluted waters in 2016.

2013-4-25 · coal-fired, oil/gas-fired industrial boilers; exhaust-heat boiler of metallurgical steelmaking flue ( the new coke highway called Camp Industrial Zone ) 453700 small hot water boiler manufacture, sale, export Jiamusi Jialian Harvester Companylimited 200905711100014 0454-8229286 0454-8760299 Xiangyang Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province

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