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Jing-Jin-Ji coordinated energy development plan released

2017-11-2 · It specifies the tasks and deadlines of coal governance and coal-fired boiler renovation in the three areas. Coal burning had been basically phased out in the areas of Beijing, Tianjin as well as Baoding and Langfang in Hebei province east of Beijing-Kunming expressway and north of Rongcheng-Wuhai expressway by the end of October.

Beijing to cut emission in winter heating season -

2019-3-6 · Nearly 10,000 T/h gas fired boilers have been upgraded using low nitrogen combustion technology. Air pollution is more prevalent in north China in winter. While high concentrations of industrial and vehicle emissions are the main culprits, static air and the use of coal


2019-4-1 · Some the coal-fired boiler flue gas desulfurization facilities and other environmental protection projects of its affiliated Tianjin, Zhenhai, and Jinling Branch Companies failed to be put into operation with the main projects simultaneously in accordance with provisions, there were also 76 high-energy-consuming devices that failed to be


2019-4-1 · In the mean time, the audit also revealed problems on air pollution control in Beijing: coal-fired boiler control measures do not converge, and air pollution prevention and control mechanisms have not formed a joint force; gas infrastructure cannot meet the needs of clean energy transformation; the management of vehicle assets formed due to

Electric Power Industry -

2005-7-20 · of some extremely large coal-fired plants with some of the cheapest coal available worldwide. It is estimated that the nameplate capacity of the generating companies in Kazakhstan consists of 17,000 MW (15,786 MW by way of thermal power, 1,105 MW by

Investment Project Information Database

Project information: Industry: electric power Field: coal-fired power plant Estimated total investment: 2000000 ten thousand yuan Investment nature: foreign capital Availability of investment: not available Project construction level: medium Estimated time of commencement: 2019 Estimated time of completion: 2020 Province: abroad Prefecture-level city: Australia Source of equipment: overseas

2016-12-9 · coal fired boiler 1, Company Name: CHINA COAL TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING GROUP CORP. Contact Person: Su Yan Telephone: 010-84263258

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2018-6-2 · Two coal-fired projects under the program will bring another 40 billion rand of investment to the country, he said. ----- Energies renouvelables : l'Afrique du Sud va lancer des appels d'offres pour 4 milliards de dollars Par La Tribune Afrique 01/06/2018

Natural gas utilized for air pollution control in north

Furthermore, the municipal government has also transformed over 5,000 coal-fired boilers for industrial use, to reduce the coal-generated emissions. According to China's 13th Five-Year Plan, in 2020, the days with good air quality in Chinese cities should be 80% of the year.

Environment, Ecology, Economy

2020-8-27 · So far, all coal-fired boilers in Guiyang have been installed with desulphurization, de-nitration and de-dusting equipment, while high-polluting operations, like cement factories, power plants and steelworks, have been moved out of the city.

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